15th or Last


It is all a matter of perspective.

Do we celebrate the fact the Brendan came 15th or do we cringe that he came last.

It is more than a matter of glass half full or glass half empty. It is looking at what Brendan’s job is with the Torro Rosso team.

He has not been hired to win races.

He is there to give engineering feedback to the chassis engineers and the Honda people, who must be overjoyed that an engine has lasted a race. Being able to relate back to engineers what the car is doing is a huge strength of Brendan’s. From his feedback the suspension team will be able to make improvements. The Honda engineers will be able to understand more about what their new engine is or isn’t doing.

After been shown the door by McLaren, Honda will have taken a step backwards down the grid to be able to make a subsequent leap forward. If as rumoured they were paying McLaren $200m a year for the privalidge of exploding engines they must be nudging close to a Billion dollar investment by now. They will not have made this huge investment to be happy at the back of the grid, just powering the lowly Torro Rosso team. I imagine the deal is, if you get this right, make some decent progress they will become the Red Bull power plant.

That is what Brendan is there to make happen then on the back of that perhaps a seat with the Red Bull team.

Then we can start thinking about what race results mean.

15th or Last

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