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Nissan have just celebrated 70 years as a manufacturer of electric vehicles. That’s even older than some motoring scribes. Volvo that icon of Chinese vehicle manufacturing has announced that they will cease production of internal combustion powered vehicles after 2019. In car manufacturing terms just a heartbeat away.

This is huge news somewhere in Sweden is an engine manufacturing plant that was until Monday looking at a rosey future churning out those wonderful reliable 5 cylinder engines for another 10 years. But no, the owners’ retirement plans have just gone up in smoke.

What this does tell us is that someone is sitting on a big fat battery secret. The very clever 90 year old who gave us the Lithium ion battery and who promised the new glass battery with 4 times the power has either gone through testing and into production faster than we all thought possible or something else has happened.

You don’t close down billions of dollars of R&D and production resource because it seemed like a good idea last Monday.

The French have announced the banning of the sale of all petrol powered vehicles after 2030 which is again huge news

There is something else afoot here?

Bright Sparks

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