Future Vision


Motorsport will be looking hard to see where we go from here with a premier touring car category.

Do we look to carry on with another version of our current V8 cars. Clearly not the current mix of a few very old cars and a mix of the more modern cars has little appeal for teams crowds or sponsors.

So where to from here? Is it yet another attempt a recycling yet another V8 category. While anyone involved in racing aged over 50 is likely to see a V8 as the most appealing form of saloon car racing.

But is it really, that age group all grew up with a V8 being the biggest and the best in a road car or a race car. But they are the past so what does the future look like? Do we start again with a New Zealand version that may turn out to be yet another expensive orphan. One that offers no used market to buy and sell cars internationally.

Or should we look at what is successful growing class internationally that we can afford and adopt that.

A market where we can either buy cars internationally or build our own. We must base our thinking on a now successful class competing overseas. One that we can afford to build, buy and run here. One that will attract teams crowds and commercial partners.

So easy when you say it quickly.

Next week the answer is revealed

Future Vision

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