Hands up for Formula Pissed


As car companies rush into this exciting new future where we will all push an app and a funky wee car will come running to the door to take me where ever I want are they missing something?

What if I just enjoy driving, what if I go hell I wanna be in charge I don’t want to be sharing my car with a bunch of snotty baskets? Will I just be able to enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving? Would I find it a fun game trying to fool the driverless car into taking drastic avoiding action. No doubt it will take a picture of my rego plate and email it to the Police who will then take me to task for being a naughty boy.

Will we go to the motoracing where the drivers sit in a lounge and run the race without getting out of the motor home. Lewis you could race without getting your hair all messed up. There just doesn’t seem to be a hell of a lot of fun in swapping the rumble of a v8 for the whine of an electric motor. Not much ego boosting to be had in my battery is bigger than your battery. But it has already started with Formula E and it will only get bigger and better.

Just imagine remote control racing where no one gets hurt and cars race to destruction will it bring back the blood lust of the gladiators probably not but it does open up exciting opportunities.

You could have races between drivers who were pissed. 3 categories, tipsy, pissed and legless, no one gets hurt just egos and the cars.

I must drop a note to the FIA I am sure they are up for formula pissed, and the destruction Grand Prix.

Hands up for Formula Pissed

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