Hmmm Mustang


On the surface it does not mean all that much. On first thought is just means that at long last we have an attractive race car in the V8 Supercars field.

But it could be a signal of a whole lot more.

The V8 Supercars have now opened the door and signalled a move from 4 door Sydney taxis to coupes. Does it mean then that the Holden’s will be replaced by Camaro’s. GM are certainly not going to sit idly by driving a taxi while an attractive Mustang marches by. While the door is open does Nissan hang in there to bring the mighty GTR to the party. A V6 3ltr turbo has already been approved and no-one does a better 3ltr V6 Turbo than Nissan.

Then does the party open up for a Lexus coupe.

Hang on this is starting to look like a GT4 field?

Ah yes we are living in interesting times.

Hmmm Mustang

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