Its not all their fault


While the world is running around placing all the blame for the tyre failures during the Supercars round at Philip Island at Dunlop’s door it is plainly not all their fault.

Did the teams think to have a chat with the Dunlop tech guys before they wound in another 2 degrees of negative camber at the font?

If you had discovered that the cars worked better with another couple of degrees you sure as hell are not going to make a big noise about it or tell anyone. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it looks like it might have been a smart play here.

Dunlop delivered a new tyre with a much squarer profile with sharper edges, so what is going to happen to that when you wind in more negative camber, sort of obvious really.

Rubber gets a wee bit too hot, overheats really then thinks oh hell I cant’t cope with this I think I need to let all my air out, oh bugger now I am flying all over the track.

Barbagello is rough and hard on tyres so it will be interesting to see what we have learnt for this weekend.

Its not all their fault

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