Jolly good shot sir


I am waiting between Supercar rounds listening to cricket commentary and wondering.

Why has cricket commentary never evolved from the 1950’s? The golden age when all was sweetness and light we completely overlooked faults and deficiencies.

Cricket commentary is full of wonderful old world adjectives like, glorious, superb, exquisite. You never hear a commentator utter an expression like, crap shot or what a rubbish ball, it’s about time he retired.

It is all amplify the positive eliminate the negative. Just unfortunately they have to remove the truth at the same time

This 1950’s commentary with its cute anachronisms lulls us into a sense of false confidence. A time when we can think that 5 days of deadly dull boring test cricket is actually a wiz bang fun old time.

In much the same way the British car industry had us fooled into thinking these were wonderful cars and that this was the golden age of motoring.

Well it wasn’t, they were unreliable, poorly designed and badly made.

At least now we can look back and be honest about it.

Which is something cricket can’t do.

Jolly good shot sir

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