Perception is all in what you want it to be


The big thing that has come out of the controversial penalising of Scott McLaughlan was that Craig Baird got it just about perfectly right.

I know the result is heartbreaking and you could try and spin it every way you want but Mr. Baird has seen a lap or two and misses very little in his new role at Supercars.

Put that behind us, yes it cost Scott the championship but it was probably long gone before that incident anyway.  The pit entry moment was probably enough, but two more penalties put the final nails in.

The wise old professional in Whincup was never going to give up anything. He has managed to beat a faster driver in a better car by getting into his head and beating him there.

But Scott showed that he had matured during the season with his behaviour after the race. He was gracious in defeat, presented well to the media and even had the decency to visit the 888 workshop to offer his congratulations. On top of that he even phoned Lowndes to offer his apology.

This mature sensible professional behaviour is a  huge leap forward from a burst of dummy spitting that he might have previously felt entitled too.

A star on the rise and it does rather set up the next season.

Which is only 4 months away.

Roll on the streets on Adelaide in March.

Perception is all in what you want it to be

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