Sparks will Fly


The race is on to develop two of the most significant vehicle advances since the first valve opened on the internal combustion engine.

Electric and self-drive are both charging down parallel paths to a combined victory over the internal combustion engine.

For electric to be successful it needs to overcome the battery issue, currently the technology is limited in capacity, battery life and burdened by capital cost of the battery pack.

But you can guarantee that with the amount that battery technology has grown in the last few years we can be assured that with the resources currently being thrown at the development of new battery technology this hurdle will be overcome. Within a few years the electric cars range will grow from just over 200km to over 600 on a single charge. One the back of that a 10’ recharge will be the norm before you can set off for another 600km.

Self-drive is going to arrive step by step but its progress will not be hindered by technology. Rules and regulation will be the things that hold back the advance of the self driving vehicle. I suspect the technology will arrive before rules that allow it to be used. Issues like who is at fault in the event of an accident will take a while to sort. It will be silly things like insurance companies thinking, well if two self-drive cars hit each other whose fault is it and who do we sue.

Whatever happens sparks will fly

Sparks will Fly

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