That Mountain is Mean



After 5 hours of follow the leader in treacherous conditions with no safety cars suddenly between beers all hell broke loose and it was two hours on the edge of our seats.

In the end it was a wonderful battle between the giant powerhouses of the sport, the big teams and the little strugglers. Erebus and the enigmatic Betty have battled since day one. Changing brands building new cars and having to move workshops twice. Overcoming all that and beating the big guns will be talked about for years.

The mean mountain probably dealt it’s biggest blow to the number 17 Shell Falcon of McLaughlin and Premat. It also threw a spanner in the works of Jamie Winchup and Paul Dumbrell ending their day. Gary Roger Motorsport were having a great day until the mountain spat at them, both their cars struck trouble with potential podiums snatched away from both Tander and Moffat.

Overall a great race for kiwis with 6 kiwis filling positions in the results. Coultard 3rd, the invisible Chris Pither in 4th, the Giz 5th. Heimgartner in 9th, Steven Richards in 11th and after a brilliant drive in the wet Ritchie Stanaway finally coming home in 16th. Although the Giz may have slide his potential victory away trying too hard he did finish a credible 5th and will there be a new co driver for round 3 of the enduro cup?

The Bathurst result has made some interesting changes to the championship table with Coultard now leading, Whincup now second and McLaughlin relegated to third. Despite this shake-up the gap between Coultard in 1st and Van Gisbergen in 5th has been drastically reduced to just 289 points.

With another 300 points on offer for round 3 of the Pirtek Enduro cup in two weeks the championship is still anybody’s.

That Mountain is Mean

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