The Curse of design


Why is it that design plays such a crucial part in car purchasing.

Take two utes, both by reputable manufacturers, one has a quirky curve on the passengers door and the other looks like sex on a stick.

The quirky curve is just going to kill sales it just looks bad and who wants to drive around looking odd. The sexy beast ute will have a queue at the dealer and used sales at just silly values all because of the vanity of design.

When a new manufacturer starts their first few models always look like the design team went to lunch half way through the design process.

Even basic math will tell management that if you produce a vehicle that looks bad sales will follow the design lead. But they still produce odd looking rubbish. When you start a new vehicle range or brand why don’t you just grab a top designer from Europe and set him to work. Why do you get your cousins son who once folded a piece of paper lets loose with the CAD system. It is going to look rubbish and sales will be rubbish. The great exception to this must be Tata. Their new Jaguars and Range Rovers, look fantastic. They are beautifully designed with fantastic engineering. So if they can get it right why cant the rest? There is another Indian brand destined to also become a world leader. I think that once your new European designer starts things will come right but why oh why didn’t he start three years ago.

The numbers of people wanting to drive around in weird is very limited

The Curse of design

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