Whats in a name ?


Well everything really.

Put yourself in the shoes of the team, of Japanese executives from Nissan who went to the UK to find a name for their new luxury salon.

The brief was it had to be a name that English society could easily identify with would inspire thoughts of a country manor and the very best of English aristocracy.

All hail the Nissan Cedric. If they had sent the workshop cleaner he would not have return with such an idiotic choice, they might as well have called it the Nissan twat. When they did the model upgrade it could have become the complete twat.

It is always important to make sure the name translates well. Pajero sounds rough and tough to make a great name for a rugged SUV just such a pity about the Spanish translation.

Why did Toyota in the 80’s have such a fascination with car names starting with the letter C, we had the Corolla, Crown, Cressida, Corona, and there must be more. Surely there must have been a good reason? Perhaps in the 90’s they were going to move to the letter D and thought better of it. Marketing were too busy dreaming up Hi-Lux and Hi-Ace.

The Italians have always been great with names, Maserati Quattroporte even sounds fast, especially if you say it after 3 wines with your best fake Italian accent. Spider, there is a great name for a hot wee sports car.

Bambina, the name says it all, well done Fiat.

The name Alpha Romeo even sounds naughty and fast, it does not conjurer images of rusty unreliable cars.

Ford, what were you thinking when you called a car targeted at middle aged women (you might say it isn’t, but it is) a cougar, OK so you spell it differently but who wants to be picked up from school by a Cougar. Actually you have a point there, most teenage boys. So I take it all back Ford, perhaps you are all geniuses, doubt it somehow.

So much of this explains why the Germans who are renown for their efficiency and engineering skill rather than their sense of humour rely on numbers.

You just cant go wrong with numbers.

Whats in a name ?

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