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Talk to anyone over 50 and they will tell you that V8’s are the future. They should beĀ  the premier saloon car class for the next 5 years. I don’t think the dinosaurs saw the meteor or us arriving either.

Crowds at the premier summer series have been modest at best. Which is testament to the fact that we need a bit of a rethink.

I know we get very good crowds at classic meetings but look around the crowd, it is very gold card, yes they still have a pulse but they are not growing in numbers and bringing their mates.

It is an old joke but it still rings true, the best way to make a million out of promoting motorsport in New Zealand is to start with two.

So where is the next big crowd coming from. Are we going to be fitting a few races around a drift meeting because that is where the young crowd is. I don’t think so but if you want to appeal to a younger audience that is where they are.

The Castrol BMW series is living proof that you can run a very successful motorsport series and keep it popular for over 10 years. But they are not going to attract a crowd and apart from half a dozen young guys at the sharp end of the field it is a bunch of 50+ guys just have a bloody good time with their mates. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

But it is not pointing us to the future.

What does the future look like, not V8’s I would suggest, not 2ltr touring cars, not a one make all the same series, is it all the same space frame 1600 turbo fire breathing rockets with different bodies and manufacturer support.

Oh hang on we have already built those and called it AP4

This needs smarter heads than mine but the answer is out there lets find it


Where to from here

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