Where to from here?


There is money to be made here, guess right and you win big.

What will be the next hot motoring trend?

In the last few years we have gone from Hot hatch, the battle of Subaru Impreza against Mitsubishi Evo. A trend started with the VW Golf and Peugeot.

Then it was all SUV and the quantity and quantity grew and grew. Range Rover lead the way but fell behind dramatically as manufacturers like BMW got things that had superior ride and reliability onto the market.

The next ubiquitous male status symbol the current hot big boys toy the 4wd ute.

Looking tough and rugged was important for the metro sexual and nothing said rugged and tough like a ute mate.

Manufacturers realised that copying the look of the great fat American utes was an important part of the macho ute story. It needed the look like we had just stepped out of the bush after a hard day wrestling bears. But we wanted it to be reliable, not drink fuel like a Mack truck and have better handling than a Sherman tank.

We have now reached the point where the modern ute looks better and handles just as well as an average salon car. So we must be reaching total ute saturation point. Which only leads us to one logical conclusion, we must be nearing the end of the ute trend.

So for those of us with an assembly line in their back pocket and a car brand just waiting for stardom this is mana from heaven. All we need to do now is pick the next trend. This is where the plan comes slightly unstuck. I have no idea at all so we are open to ideas and suggestions. Then we can clear the dust out of the Trekka factory and started leading the world in vehicle production.

All we need to do is pick the next trend, remember you read it here first.

Where to from here?

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