WRC in NZ ?


Please put all that time, energy effort and money into something else.

It just wont happen and the fact that we have superb organisers and brilliant roads has nothing to do with it.

It is simple economics. Back in the 80’s when the Audi quattro held the word of rallying in its arms and we were part of the series there was an overnight stop in Rotorua. Walter Rhole was talking to the local Audi dealer and asked ‘so how many Audi you sell?’ The proud dealer puffed out his considerable chest said two. Ah said Walter, two per week yaar it’s good. No said the dealer two ever.

That is the economics. WRC is funded by car manufacturers because they want to sell cars. The number of cars we sell here it just pitiful compared to other markets. So WRC must go where the money is.

Where the cars and the money is the WRC promoter will follow the money because his income is tied to that money and he is not doing it for love.

Time and effort needs to be put into securing more commercial partners for our NZ Rally Championship. So that it can grow. Why not put your efforts into that instead of howling at the moon.

WRC in NZ ?

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