Dear Mr Kent


Dear Sir,

Thank you for you very long service (over 50 years in fact) to motoring and motorsport.

Yes they were halcyon days when with mighty Kent powered Formula Ford was the world’s development formula for single seater racing.

I know from behind you lovely mahogany desk all may still look well in the factory but the world has moved on.

Yes yes we are only 10 years behind the rest of the motorsport world in recognising the need for change but we need to hand over the gold watch and offer you a generous retirement plan. Don’t worry you will still get plenty of Sunday outings.

Fathers funding aspiring sons into this formula will no longer shake in wonder at the cost of building a top running 50 year old powerplant. In a formula where every hp counts.

Apart from a new engine package the class needs money to run a competition worth of national championship status. A smart operator would say the two must go hand in hand.

Tea and scones for Mr. Kent next Friday at 3pm

see you all there


Dear Mr Kent

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