Get the wheels moving


Dear people in charge,

I am afraid  you are going to have to speed up your glacial pace of change. While our two worthy working groups are still working their way through suitable meeting dates the Australians have made a decision and start TCR in 2020.

They moved on changes to Formula Ford several years ago. We still have not realised there is a need for a change.

HANS, my god it was developed and invented in less time than it has taken up to adopt this cheap lifesaver. Just wait until there is another neck injury and you get the call from Worksafe asking why not, that will sharpen the focus.

Go on call them and ask how progress is going on schedule E.

Speaking of change, how long will it be before one of our hardworking promoters looks back over the Tasman and says hang on a minute mate, there is another way of doing this.

Do they have to put up with these expensive fees and slow service, there is an alternative and it is just a phone call away.

How long before a disaffected promoter makes the connection and helps set up an alternative body here.

Will we see fees trimmed, probably not but we might see a giant leap in the standards of service and the timely answering of queries.

There is nothing like a little competition to sharped the focus, it is going to be exciting.


Get the wheels moving

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