Giving head


Well it least that made you start reading, but this is important.

Head and neck restraints.

Why oh why can’t we just make these compulsory for all motorsport with exceptions for some classics and give club sport two years to save the massive $400 they will need to spend to save their lives.

It is over two years since the BMW series and Targa took a lead and made head and neck restraints compulsory. There is a BMW competitor walking around today who after rolling 7 times would be getting around the pits in a chair if it were not for his HANS device.

If you are still a skeptic have a look at the HANS clip on Youtube

Tony Quinn in his inimitable style has made them compulsory at both Hamptons and Highlands, even if you are just doing bad laps.

It is a health and safety issue and if we know the risk, know there is a solution yet do nothing we are culpable.

So come on motorsport board, let’s show some leadership and do something about it.

It’s easy, all national classes compulsory from 2019, club racing from 2020.

If you need an exemption because you are thick and stupid or you can’t fit one in your car. We can mark you log book as a stupid person, but don’t let your selfish stupidity put the rest of us at risk.

So it was just that easy wasn’t it? All we have to do now is make a decision.

Giving head

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