It has a huge bottom


Here are some sobering statistics about Motorsport license holders.

There are around 5,000 licence holders in total and of these almost 25% are spread over just three series.

These three bottom of the pile series, LeMons, 2K cup and BMW and very popular, why because they are cheap and fun. Few rules easy to get into and run by great people.

I know any sport has to have a pyramid structure but if you but all your emphasis on the top and you ignore feeding the bottom of the tree will fall over.

So while the sport is so busy trying to put time and energy into a new top for the tree it might pay to pause and reflect on the bottom. Three new classes are attracting huge fields.

The world is changing and we need to adapt with it. The eyes are on the front of your head so that you can look forward, focus on what is about to happen and stop Nannying on about ‘in my day’.

Bunch of old duffers

It has a huge bottom

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