Just who is steering


Not much from the motorsport conference to instill a sense of wonderful year ahead.

Yes progress is being made on Health and Safety so that is a positive but where is the big picture?

Where is the crowd the sponsors and the dare to dream picture?

We have a promoter who is trying hard but we really need to give him some tools to work with.

Our great summer of motorsport remains propped up by the Toyota series which is unfair to both parties.

The TRS series with its wannabe stars of tomorrow is never going to attract the great bogun masses that wee need to create a crowd.

We are just not a nation of motorsport purists who appreciate the finer points of single seater racing.

We need to identify with the shape of what we see racing, smell the burn and have our ears tingle with the V8 roar.

The other thing we cant do is travel down a path we have traveled so often before creating yet another NZ only orphan class.

I sit on the edge of my seat waiting, waiting, waiting.


Just who is steering

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