Oh no, Not again


When Motorsport last let a pressure group take control of one of their flagship classes it ended in financial disaster that the sport has not recovered from.

A group is now trying to take over F1600, the class we all remember as Formula Ford. This is the class where most of our international drivers learnt their craft. So it is a prized asset worth preserving. There are several things wrong with F1600 but this proposal fixes none of them. The class needs investment, promotion and marketing. It already has a set of comprehensive rules that should stop people cutting corners or shaving heads. It is now pitted against other one make controlled classes that are making it look second rate. They have media coverage run at high profile meetings and offer TV coverage. get those things right and the competitors will come back.

Increasing the grid with an additional 10 cars is a great idea and arrive and drive is a fantastic idea. So is leasing cars, but creating a new set of rules for these cars will just kill the tarnished once golden goose that was Formula Ford.

The comment most fathers make when entering the realm of F1600 is a very nervous grasp for their wallet when they hear what it is going to cost to build a competitive Kent engine. Plus it will need a couple of freshen ups during the season if we want to remain competitive.

Class 1, the top tier of F1600 needs to move to a modern engine. It would make good sense to align ourselves with Australia and return cap in hand to Ford. You can buy a race ready sealed Durotech with adapter plate for UKP5,000. That is less than the cost of a mid season freshen up for the once mighty Kent engine.

The other interesting thing to note about the Australian Formula Ford series is that it is now run and operated by the evil empire AASA. Another reason for Motorsport NZ to lift itself off its collective Butt and quickly seize control, show some leadership and resurrect the once mighty Formula Ford

Oh no, Not again

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