Ostrich racing


Not that we are going to be racing Ostrich’s any time soon but we are about to be experiencing the effect.

The old Ostrich ‘head in the sand’ effect.

We have our head in the sand over our new premier touring car class. We set up a team of experts to come back with a recommendation, we

didn’t like the answer so now we have set up another team of experts and that would be expert with a small e, a very small e in fact. Please just give them the correct answer before they start.

We have our head buried even deeper with the future of F1600. The once proud Formula Ford is languishing with diminishing fields. It needs funding and strong decisive leadership that can look 50 years ahead not 50 years back.

The answer is obvious to all but those currently running the class. Ask any dad funding his young pride and joy into motorsport who looks at the prospect of paying over $50,000 for a top Kent engine that once belonged in a 1959 Anglia and he just walks away to another class.

But the biggest monster looming above the sand on the horizon is a very odd thing called AASA.

It is currently Australian and an alternative to CAMS their equivalent to Motorsport NZ but AASA is about to become Australasian. They are about to expand their footprint in NZ, a daring alternative to Motorsport NZ. Cheaper certainly, but better well time will tell. The first to leap on the AASA chariot will be those who are trying to make a living out of motorsport and are not feeling the love from the current Motorsport administration.

The Ostrich may well have to pull it’s head out of the sand or they will not see this Aussie run past with a client under each arm.

I predict they could take 20% of the client base in 2 years, well unless we pull our heads out of the sand.

Ostrich racing

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