CRC Mechanix Orange

Jono Lester

Motorsport is a dirty business! Whether you’re changing tyres, cleaning components or getting your hands dirty in the engine bay, a heavy duty hand cleaner is a must before heading off for a bite for lunch, or heading home after a long day at the track.

My teams all use CRC Mechanix Orange for quick and easy removal of even the toughest substances, whilst remaining gentle on hands with a fresh citrus scent.

The features and benefits of Mechanix Orange include:

    • Powerful natural citrus cleaning – Fresh citrus-scent hands feel clean and fresh
    • Safe biodegradable formula, pH balanced, contains no harsh solvents – Gentle on hands, will not dry out skin
    • Quickly and effectively removes toughest soils – Dirt, oil, grease, tar, ink, paint
    • Fortified with fine-grade pumice – For serious scrubbing power and deep cleaning
    • Cleans away everything that soap leaves behind
    • Also recommended for cleaning grubby surfaces, equipment and work clothing

Use on hands, surfaces, equipment and work clothing.

Check out this link for more info on CRC Mechanix Orange.

CRC Mechanix Orange

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