CRC Windscreen De-Icer: Winter is here

Jono Lester

Almost overnight, we’ve gone from unseasonably warm t-shirt-and-shorts weather to a fierce weather bomb across the entire country that has signalled one thing: winter has well and truly arrived!

As the temperatures drop, the cold morning starts mean showering until the hot water runs out and leaving the house at the last possible minute. So the icing over of your windscreen is the last thing you need if you want to get to work on time!

Cue CRC De-Icer, which instantly dissolves ice and in the deep south: snow and frost as well as reducing interior fogging and freeing up frozen door locks.

Spray it at the top of your windscreen and CRC De-Icer will dissolve into the icy build-up, with the non-smear formula actively fighting re-freeze and keeping your windscreen crystal clear.

What’s more: it’ll come in handy on your race car too! Give it a try today.

CRC Windscreen De-Icer: Winter is here

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