Another stunning concept render of the Ferrari LMP1 [+GALLERY]

There are plenty of Ferrari LMP1 concepts about, but this stunning render from Spanish designer Folch Oriol Garcia is, in a word, perfect. If Ferrari do decide to enter the World Endurance Championship, let’s hope this will make them seriously consider it.

Are you looking Sergio Marchionne? This’d be a good way to kickstart your new role as Ferrari President!

Ferrari LMP1Ferrari LMP1ferrari lmp1Ferrari LMP1Ferrari LMP1

Dear Ferrari, make it now. Yours, everyone.

Another stunning concept render of the Ferrari LMP1 [+GALLERY]

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    • Silvana

      Pat, you have got Pat, you have got it all wrong, the car will be a flop, the Armchair Aero Engineers and fake tifoso on the and Autosport forums can tell exactly how fast the car will be by looking at it.They dont need to see any data, simply by looking at the nose, they can tell exactly what is wrong with design and what needs changing. Its all WRONG.Please ferrari, sack your team of designers, and hire these armchair experts ASAP, then you will have a winner on your hands.Thanks. Was this answer helpful?

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