Gasley quickest again for Prema, Evans 7th & 16th

Red Bull protege Pierre Gasly remained on top for GP2 Series newcomer Prema Powerteam as the championship’s first 2016 test ended at Barcelona on Friday.

Gasly’s lap of 1m27.386s on the soft tyres in the morning was sufficient to leave him fastest for a second straight day.

He was two-and-a-half tenths of a second clear of Racing Engineering driver Norman Nato.

Gasly’s team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi was third and best rookie, followed by Alex Lynn and Luca Ghiotto.

Wednesday pacesetter Sergey Sirotkin was in the mix at the front early on but went off at the first S-bend during a soft-tyre run so ended up 10th.

Other incidents during the day included a minor tangle between Raffaele Marciello and Rene Binder, and both Giovinazzi and Meindert van Buuren’s cars stopping on track.

Times were slower in the afternoon session, Gustav Malja led the way ahead of GP3 graduate Jimmy Eriksson and Russian Time driver Artem Markelov.

GP2 testing resumes at Jerez on March 29, with the season not beginning until the Spanish Grand Prix Formula 1 weekend back at Barcelona in mid-May.


1Pierre GaslyPrema Racing1m27.386s41
2Norman NatoRacing Engineering1m27.630s0.244s29
3Antonio GiovinazziPrema Racing1m27.755s0.369s33
4Alex LynnDAMS1m27.841s0.455s22
5Luca GhiottoTrident1m27.884s0.498s39
6Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m27.977s0.591s25
7Mitch EvansJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m28.022s0.636s30
8Nicholas LatifiDAMS1m28.067s0.681s26
9Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m28.122s0.736s32
10Sergey SirotkinART Grand Prix1m28.122s0.736s20
11Arthur PicRapax1m28.150s0.764s34
12Rene BinderCarlin1m28.240s0.854s19
13Raffaele MarcielloRUSSIAN TIME1m28.296s0.910s34
14Gustav MaljaRapax1m28.335s0.949s35
15Oliver RowlandMP Motorsport1m28.421s1.035s33
16Sergio CanamasasStatus Grand Prix1m28.491s1.105s35
17Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m28.599s1.213s12
18Marvin KirchhoferCarlin1m28.744s1.358s39
19Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m28.871s1.485s43
20Jimmy ErikssonArden International1m29.433s2.047s32
21Philo Paz ArmandTrident1m29.450s2.064s34
22Nabil JeffriArden International1m29.662s2.276s39
23Sean GelaelJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m29.755s2.369s39
24Meindert van BuurenStatus Grand Prix1m30.007s2.621s29


1Gustav MaljaRapax1m28.719s40
2Jimmy ErikssonArden International1m29.263s0.544s30
3Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m29.425s0.706s19
4Oliver RowlandMP Motorsport1m29.474s0.755s25
5Sergio CanamasasStatus Grand Prix1m29.586s0.867s34
6Arthur PicRapax1m29.678s0.959s30
7Meindert van BuurenStatus Grand Prix1m30.555s1.836s25
8Nabil JeffriArden International1m31.845s3.126s32
9Alex LynnDAMS1m32.723s4.004s50
10Rene BinderCarlin1m32.779s4.060s45
11Luca GhiottoTrident1m32.836s4.117s33
12Pierre GaslyPrema Racing1m33.062s4.343s49
13Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m33.249s4.530s40
14Marvin KirchhoferCarlin1m33.317s4.598s40
15Sergey SirotkinART Grand Prix1m33.534s4.815s55
16Mitch EvansJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m33.596s4.877s43
17Sean GelaelJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m33.606s4.887s47
18Antonio GiovinazziPrema Racing1m33.669s4.950s48
19Philo Paz ArmandTrident1m33.695s4.976s41
20Nicholas LatifiDAMS1m33.883s5.164s44
21Norman NatoRacing Engineering1m33.968s5.249s39
22Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m34.247s5.528s51
23Raffaele MarcielloRUSSIAN TIME1m34.296s5.577s19
24Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m34.331s5.612s44

Gasley quickest again for Prema, Evans 7th & 16th

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