Lynn keeps DAMS on top in Day Two of GP2 testing

Alex Lynn kept DAMS at the top of the timesheets on the second day of GP2’s opening pre-season test in Abu Dhabi.

The reigning GP3 champion was already the fastest driver of the morning before recording his 1m49.648s shortly before the break on Pirelli’s super-soft rubber.

Team-mate, and day one pacesetter, Pierre Gasly was second, having also set his time on the super-softs.

Ferrari and McLaren juniors, Raffaele Marciello and Stoffel Vandoorne logged identical times, with Marciello classified third by virtue of turning his lap earlier, while Mitch Evans and Alexander Rossi completed the top six.

Lynn was only 18th in the afternoon, but his morning effort remained the best of the day.

Norman Nato caused a red flag with an hour remaining when he stopped at Turn 20 while leading the times, but was able to rejoin for a super-soft run in the final 20 minutes and top the second session.

His 1m49.697s was 1.244 seconds faster than Arden team-mate Andre Negrao managed amid a late flurry of improvements, while Marciello was third again and Vandoorne sixth.


1Alex LynnDAMS1m49.648s27
2Pierre GaslyDAMS1m50.104s0.456s29
3Raffaele MarcielloTrident1m50.620s0.972s26
4Stoffel VandoorneART Grand Prix1m50.620s0.972s23
5Mitchell EvansRUSSIAN TIME1m50.625s0.977s18
6Alexander RossiRacing Engineering1m50.767s1.119s36
7Julian LealCarlin1m50.906s1.258s29
8Arthur PicCampos Racing1m50.996s1.348s35
9Andre NegraoArden International1m51.040s1.392s24
10Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m51.073s1.425s31
11Marco SorensenCarlin1m51.117s1.469s26
12Rene BinderTrident1m51.146s1.498s22
13Rio HaryantoCampos Racing1m51.248s1.600s35
14Richie StanawayStatus Grand Prix1m51.620s1.972s26
15Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m51.623s1.975s31
16Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m51.758s2.110s15
17Zoel AmbergLazarus1m51.891s2.243s40
18Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m51.908s2.260s19
19Vittorio GhirelliMP Motorsport1m51.969s2.321s11
20Robert VisoiuRapax1m52.112s2.464s31
21Sergey SirotkinRapax1m52.192s2.544s15
22Norman NatoArden International1m52.319s2.671s24
23Sergio CanamasasHilmer Motorsport1m52.360s2.712s29
24Marlon StockingerStatus Grand Prix1m52.724s3.076s25
25Nathanael BerthonLazarus1m52.949s3.301s8


1Norman NatoArden International1m49.697s15
2Andre NegraoArden International1m50.941s1.244s15
3Raffaele MarcielloTrident1m50.973s1.276s20
4Sergio CanamasasHilmer Motorsport1m51.171s1.474s21
5Rene BinderTrident1m51.219s1.522s17
6Stoffel VandoorneART Grand Prix1m51.251s1.554s15
7Sergey SirotkinRapax1m51.264s1.567s30
8Zoel AmbergLazarus1m51.395s1.698s20
9Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m51.556s1.859s25
10Richie StanawayStatus Grand Prix1m51.648s1.951s20
11Mitchell EvansRUSSIAN TIME1m51.656s1.959s15
12Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m51.675s1.978s16
13Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m51.783s2.086s14
14Nathanael BerthonLazarus1m52.012s2.315s6
15Vittorio GhirelliMP Motorsport1m52.133s2.436s19
16Robert VisoiuRapax1m52.196s2.499s19
17Marlon StockingerStatus Grand Prix1m52.694s2.997s22
18Alex LynnDAMS1m53.223s3.526s27
19Pierre GaslyDAMS1m53.550s3.853s28
20Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m53.684s3.987s26
21Rio HaryantoCampos Racing1m53.804s4.107s24
22Alexander RossiRacing Engineering1m54.024s4.327s20
23Arthur PicCampos Racing1m54.365s4.668s31
24Julian LealCarlin1m54.735s5.038s30
25Marco SorensenCarlin1m54.818s5.121s13

Lynn keeps DAMS on top in Day Two of GP2 testing

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