CRASH OF THE DAY: Controversial clash of the Kiwis in Sydney

Fans were divided on Saturday night after this controversial clash for third place between Shane van Gisbergen and Fabian Coulthard.

The two popular Kiwis came together with just one lap remaining in the 74-lap race, leaving Coulthard with heavy damage in his Lockwood Commodore.

What did you think of the incident? Leave a comment below…

CRASH OF THE DAY: Controversial clash of the Kiwis in Sydney

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    • Mike Ryland

      I am a fan of both drivers and are all for pushing it to get a place in front of the next guy it wouldnt be racing other wise. but shane pulled a mongrel move there he wasnt far enough up the side of fabian to get past and should of pulled out of the passing move.

    • jonty brenssell

      haha, the night before at eastern states speedway in blenhiem nz adam scotts golf cady put on a move just like that in his saloon, except it didn’t end in tears, some1 called it the stevey Williams suicide dive, n e way, would have been a gr8 move by shane if he pulled it off but it didn’t happen so yea, life goes on, was the highlight of the race in my opinion, GO THE GIZ

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