Toro Rosso adds Ferrari-style channelled mirrors for British GP

Toro Rosso has introduced Ferrari-inspired channelled wing mirrors to its Formula 1 cars at this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

With Toro Rosso pushing to improve its STR13 as it is involved in an ultra-tight midfield battle in 2018, the mirror development demonstrates that the team is not leaving any stone unturned in its efforts.

The channelled-mirror concept is that by effectively opening up the face, a gap can be created through the mirror to help better manage airflow over the rest of the car. That air can then be directed to a specific place along the sidepod area.

Ordinarily on an F1 car, the mirrors are considered to be an airflow interference and a source of drag rather than a chance to improve performance.

This is why teams have always tried to find ways to mimimise the impact of the disturbance around the mirrors on the rest of the car.

Ferrari added the channelled-mirror development onto its SF71H at the start of this season, and has committed to the concept even though its mirrors have been mounted on the halo since the Spanish Grand Prix.

Toro Rosso adds Ferrari-style channelled mirrors for British GP

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