Fabs and Becky thrive on supportive partnership

Being the partner of a V8 Supercars driver isn’t just about being pit-side or standing beside him on the podium after a win – it’s also about giving support off the track.

Driven caught up with V8 Supercars driver Fabian Coulthard’s girlfriend, Becky Lamb, in Pukekohe to ask her how she copes when the Kiwi is racing.

“I’m quite lucky really because Fabian is very consistent and keeps himself safe,” said Lamb.

“It’s not normally him who makes a mistake. The cars are very safe and because of his driving and his ability I don’t worry too much. I’m more concerned about what the others are doing around him.

“I’m here not to worry about him and cause any distraction for him on race days. I think it’s important to be outside of the team and still be able to support him and provide a bit of reality outside racing.

“I have my identity and businesses and want to keep it that way. I like Fabian being a piece of my life and we’re super supportive of each other and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be with.”

While at university, Lamb entered and won the Miss Indy title and things took off from there, winning Miss Bikini World, Miss Swimsuit Australia and finishing first runner-up in the Ralph Australian Swimwear Model of the Year competition in 2009. Lamb has also spent a number of years competing nationally in BMX, and until recently was an active fire fighter with Fire and Rescue New South Wales.

She runs her own business, which you’d think would make spending time with Coulthard hard to find.

“I run a promotional agency that covers the country and I have girls at all the V8 events so I get to spend a fair bit of time with Fabian each race weekend,” said Lamb.

“It’s lucky that I supply the models for Lockwood Racing [Coulthard’s team] so I can look in on Fabian a few times during the day. And obviously I follow the race to see how he’s going. I just so happen to like motorsport.

“All my girls have to know the driver and teams they’re working with as well,” she said.

Having already established her modelling and business credentials in Australia, Lamb recently signed up with New Zealand agency 62 Models and is looking forward to working in the Kiwi environment.

Fabs and Becky thrive on supportive partnership

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