Scott Dixon chats about his first car

As a three-time IndyCar champion, Scott Dixon‘s day job requires driving at speeds two to three to four times the speeds you drive on your everyday neighborhood streets. But he wasn’t always hitting turns at G-forces that rip your face off. Everybody has to start somewhere. Complex talked to Scott and found out just what car he found his automotive bearings in.

What was the first car you ever had?
It was a Honda Prelude back in 1982, a red automatic. It had the pop up lights, but only one popped up. But I think I broke it, somehow. I I ended up getting a Impreza WRX, which, at 16 or 17, was probably not the smartest car choice. I got in a little bit of trouble in that one.

What happened?
Just speeding and grass trekking and things like that.

How did you get the Prelude?
I think I went halves with my parents. I was working as a mechanic on the school holidays and managed to get that money. And then my dad actually worked in importing Japanese cars to New Zealand, so that’s how that came about.

What was the first car nice car that you purchased?
When I came to America, I had an ’89 Honda Accord which was pretty sweet. We actually ended up putting a brick on the accelerator one night and it blew up. We did it just to watch it and it caught on fire. That’s when I got a new Toyota truck, once I started racing for Toyota.

What cars do you own now?
My wife has an Audi A7 and then I have a free Tahoe. I’m quite tight with my money so free cars are the best cars now. Daria on the other hand, my teammate, he’s got a whole stable full of things.

Do you have a dream car?
I like more of cruisers, or even an American muscle car. I always thought that Eleanor [from Gone in 60 Seconds] was pretty sweet. Some of the old Ferraris, the GT 250s, some of those are pretty sweet.

Do you find it difficult going normal speeds when you’re driving around?
Sometimes. I got pulled over after the Pocono race this year. We’d just won the race and then I got pulled over.

Did you tell him what was going on?
Well, actually, he kind of let me off. He let me off, so I didn’t get any demerit points. He wrote it off as not following road signs, even though it was speeding, so he gave me a work-around which was pretty good.

I just had to tell this story, actually. I went to renew my driver’s license this year, as you do on your birthday, and the lady was like, “oh, you’ve got too many demerit points, so you’re going to have redo the written test.” I thought it was a joke, but I had to take it. I did pass. I don’t how. Those things must be getting easier.

Scott Dixon chats about his first car

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