CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner

CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen cleaner has been put to good use for me with a number of wet, cold races during the 2012.

As the label states, Nu-Vu gives ‘unrestricted vision’ and removes traffic film,reduces headlight dazzle and prevents fogging on windscreens and mirrors.

The latter, in particular, is a big plus when it comes to motorsport. With little to no cooling and air conditioning in modern race cars, using Nu-Vu on the Porsche GT3 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at wet races at Timaru and Autopolis have ensured that in trying conditions, we’re given as much vision as possible.

See for more info on CRC Nu-Vu!

CRC Nu-Vu Windscreen Cleaner

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