Meet the new world order


Ford and Mahindra have today announced a cooperation agreement.

While on the face of it there is nothing outstanding in that agreement but it represents a giant stride forward in the established order of vehicle manufacturing.

One of the world’s oldest most established brands leaps into bed with one of the newest brands.

On the face of it Ford gets a substantial foothold in India the worlds 5th biggest car market.

Mahindra gets the other 4 5th’s of the world opened up to it.

But this is not about car making as we know it today this is about mobility and electronics.

Here are the levels they have decided to cooperate on.

  • Mobility programs
  • Connected vehicle projects
  • Electrification
  • Product development
  • Sourcing and commercial efficiencies

Mahindra is not justĀ  car company they are a USD$16 Billion dollar company into everything from telephone exchanges to green houses, cars trucks boats and aircraft.

They are big smart and moving fast.

They have lit the paper stand well back from the flame.

Meet the new world order

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