Stand back I have taken the plunge



The same people who are currently laughing, well smirking really, about the arrival of the new cars from emerging markets like China and India will be dipping into their wallets in a few years to join the trend.

The first Japanese cars were indeed prone to rust, we didn’t call them ‘rust buckets‘ for nothing.

But after a few unsteady formative years they conquered the body work issues and the odd names like Cedric.

Earning a reputation for reliability that was the envy of the rest of the motoring world.

The same thing will happen to the cars and vans from China and India.

They will get past the quirky and in many cases just awful design. The mechanical issues and electrics that have minds of their own. The arse will stop falling out of Great Wall utes and Indians will hire an Italian designer and stop looking like the results of a primary school drawing competition.

I have just taken delivery of a brand new LDV T60 ute. It follows on from the 3 SsangYong utes I have owned. I needed more space and have an LDV van which has been reliable and fault free.

So the new LDV T60 was a tempting proposition. The feature list on the new LDV T60 is impressive the finish is superb. The engine comes from MV Motori in Europe so I don’t expect any problems there.  The design is brilliant.

Ok so I have just about done 100k so it is early days.

Stay tuned you doubters more reports to follow.


Stand back I have taken the plunge

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