Nato fastest again on GP2 day three, Evans 7th

Norman Nato was back on top on the final day of GP2 Series pre-season testing at Jerez as Racing Engineering completed a clean sweep of the week.

His quickest day three time was a 1m24.518s in the morning, which was eight hundredths faster than Arthur Pic and a tenth faster than Nobuharu Matsushita.

Alex Lynn and Nato’s team-mate Jordan King both had spells on top early on, before ending up fifth and ninth.

With Nato having been quickest on the opening day as well and King fastest on Wednesday, Thursday’s result meant Racing Engineering topped every day of the test.

In the afternoon Pic was fastest on a 1m25.583s from Rapax team-mate Gustav Malja and Artem Markelov.

The day was affected by a number of red flags, with Oliver Rowland prompting the first when he came to a halt between Turns 8 and 9.

Raffaele Marciello caused two of the stoppages, with spins for Nabil Jeffri and Philo Paz Armand plus a mechanical problem for Matsushita also interrupting proceedings.

Thursday’s running concluded GP2 testing, with the season-opener taking place at Barcelona in mid-May.


1Norman NatoRacing Engineering1m24.518s31
2Arthur PicRapax1m24.592s0.074s23
3Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m24.617s0.099s28
4Pierre GaslyPrema Racing1m24.652s0.134s42
5Alex LynnDAMS1m24.677s0.159s24
6Sergey SirotkinART Grand Prix1m24.682s0.164s32
7Antonio GiovinazziPrema Racing1m24.688s0.170s37
8Nicholas LatifiDAMS1m24.689s0.171s19
9Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m24.747s0.229s24
10Luca GhiottoTrident1m24.937s0.419s28
11Gustav MaljaRapax1m24.948s0.430s30
12Mitch EvansJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m25.072s0.554s21
13Oliver RowlandMP Motorsport1m25.120s0.602s22
14Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m25.134s0.616s16
15Raffaele MarcielloRUSSIAN TIME1m25.318s0.800s14
16Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m25.339s0.821s34
17Marvin KirchhoferCarlin1m25.404s0.886s28
18Philo Paz ArmandTrident1m25.698s1.180s22
19Jimmy ErikssonArden International1m25.819s1.301s29
20Sean GelaelJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m26.053s1.535s30
21Nabil JeffriArden International1m26.074s1.556s27


1Arthur PicRapax1m25.583s42
2Gustav MaljaRapax1m25.820s0.237s38
3Artem MarkelovRUSSIAN TIME1m26.140s0.557s39
4Raffaele MarcielloRUSSIAN TIME1m26.435s0.852s8
5Jimmy ErikssonArden International1m26.629s1.046s48
6Nabil JeffriArden International1m27.235s1.652s38
7Mitch EvansJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m27.410s1.827s44
8Marvin KirchhoferCarlin1m28.620s3.037s44
9Oliver RowlandMP Motorsport1m28.761s3.178s37
10Daniel de JongMP Motorsport1m28.857s3.274s33
11Sean GelaelJagonya Ayam Campos Racing1m29.988s4.405s52
12Nicholas LatifiDAMS1m30.115s4.532s34
13Sergey SirotkinART Grand Prix1m30.227s4.644s55
14Philo Paz ArmandTrident1m30.459s4.876s46
15Pierre GaslyPrema Racing1m30.570s4.987s32
16Nobuharu MatsushitaART Grand Prix1m30.580s4.997s50
17Antonio GiovinazziPrema Racing1m30.626s5.043s48
18Norman NatoRacing Engineering1m30.716s5.133s51
19Alex LynnDAMS1m30.840s5.257s33
20Luca GhiottoTrident1m30.854s5.271s42
21Jordan KingRacing Engineering1m31.096s5.513s49

Nato fastest again on GP2 day three, Evans 7th

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