CRC Speedshow to crowdfund to make show ‘simply epic’

New Zealand’s largest automotive show, the CRC Speedshow, wants to get bigger, better and even go global so they’re enlisting motoring fans around the country to help propel their journey.

CRC Speedshow has teamed up with PledgeMe, New Zealand’s crowdfunding platform, to raise up to $350,000 in order to take the show to the next level. The funds from their equity crowdfunding offer will allow CRC Speedshow to bring some of the industry’s biggest superstars to New Zealand, the newest cars, and never-seen-before exhibits to the show.

A dedicated web page has been set up to give people who are interested in this exciting venture more information and can be found at

Ross Prevette, CRC Speedshow managing director, said “this is a huge opportunity for us to really make CRC Speedshow a world class show. We want to become the southern hemisphere’s SEMA [Speciality Equipment Market Association] show, which is entirely possible, if we can get this financial support.

“Quite simply, securing this funding through equity crowdfunding will make the show unquestionably epic. Imagine the world’s biggest motoring and motorsport stars coming to New Zealand, in potentially their first and only public visit. It would be awesome!”

Prevette also adds that he’s had interest from international buyers because they can see the potential in the show but said his team is determined to keep it locally owned and operated, to ensure show fans and visitors get what they want from the annual show.

“We could easily take these international offers but we truly believe it’s important to keep it local, and to keep it with a group of dedicated and interested people. So that’s why we’re offering it to local investors through our crowdfunding campaign – firstly, to allow it to stay here but also showing the world how we Kiwis do it down here,” explained Prevette.

The offer is live from 28 February 2017 at

More information about the crowdfunding campaign, including the offer doc, will be revealed through the Speedshow crowdfunding newsletter. You can sign up anytime – before the campaign goes live – at

CRC Speedshow to crowdfund to make show ‘simply epic’

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