REVEALED: Formula E Set to Become World Championship

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is set to become an official and recognized FIA World Championship in 2020.

E-racing365 understands that procedures will shortly be put in place to ensure all criteria to have World Championship title status are met for a Season Seven (2020-21) renaming of the championship.

The use of World Championship status can only be granted to a series that has four ‘automobile makes’ participating on average over an entire season. The transition also incorporates specific commercial costs to entitle the granting of the status.

Plans have long since been considered by Formula E and specifically its chairman Alejandro Agag to join Formula 1, the FIA World Endurance Championship, the FIA World Rally Championship and the FIA World Rallycross Championship as an official ‘World Championship’ status series.

Negotiations between Formula E, the FIA and manufacturers have taken place across several seasons on the matter of becoming a fully-fledged World Championship.

E-racing365 revealed in October that a desire existed for the all-electric series to be granted the status.

Formula E Teams & Manufacturers Association chairman James Barclay says that Formula E, FETAMA and the FIA are currently working together to make the plans work.

“Alejandro said last year, there’s a plan to move towards the World Championship status so that’s absolutely a longer term plan,” Barclay told e-racing365 last month.

“So, we’re in that process, working with the FIA, with Formula E, just to define when that will come into effect and what it would mean for the championship.”

Barclay suggested that longer term topics would also have to be addressed when the final protocol is completed next year.

“Longer term, there’s understanding, that we eventually need to move towards that but actually the implementation time is key so we need to plan accordingly for that and what that would mean for the championship,” explained Barclay.

There could also set to be a number of changes from a governance point of view, relating to technical and sporting aspects with the FIA.

This may also be reflected in changes to how the rules book is agreed on and the way it is officially formed.

“Moving on this path that we’re already on is very exciting, including taking the next step as well,” said Barclay.

“The key thing, is the decision on timing, when and that’s the conversations we’re having at the moment really constructively with the FIA.”

REVEALED: Formula E Set to Become World Championship

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