Spot the elephant


Yes there is an elephant loose in the room at Motorsport in New Zealand.

We are just going to ignore it for now but eventually someone will lift their head up and notice it.

No that’s cruel they have already noticed it, they just don’t know what to do about it. They have tried all the trusted methods of shoo and a firm go away but the big fat AASA elephant is just sitting there.

What the hell is AASA, It is a Queensland based group that are rivals to CAMS in Australia and now Motorsport in NZ. They are not FIA affiliated but they do issue licenses and event permits, just like a proper sporting body.

There insurance cover is good in some cases a touch better than Motorsport’s cover.

They license officials like Stewards and COTC’s even issue drivers licenses. My pick will be that they will look to pick up some of the lower level classes but will struggle to get much traction with championship classes and national series.

Their biggest issue will be that in the South Island with all but one of the tracks being club and therefore Motorsport owned they are not going to let an opposition body through the front door.

The place they will get some track is with promoters because they appear easier to deal with and most importantly there permit fees are much cheaper. If you are a promoter that is one more dollar in your pocket and not in Motorsports and that is what a promoter wants.

Will Motorsport reach out to the promoters with an offer and a deal, will the board recognise an elephant when they see it.

Will we see decisive action. I bet we don’t want to cross swords with the commerce commission again.

The big winners could be you the competitor because there is nothing like a bit of competition to sharped up the focus.

Spot the elephant

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