Porsche holds 9 lap lead at halfway point of Le Mans as Toyota retire both cars


Porsche leads the Le Mans 24 Hours by nine laps at the halfway point after Toyota’s victory bid evaporated in the preceding two hours.

The #1 Porsche 919 Hybrid with Nick Tandy at the wheel led the chasing LMP2 pack by more than 10 laps at the 12-hour mark.

Nick Tandy has cut his pace and is now lapping in the mid- to-high 3m20s bracket in the car he shares with Neel Jani and Andre Lotterer.

The second Porsche is 16th behind 14 LMP2s after requiring a change of motor-generator unit early in the race.

The car shared by Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley and Earl Bamber lies 19 laps off the lead after an early change of MGU, but is on schedule to take second should it run reliably to the finish.

The sole Toyota remaining lies in 47th position after the car shared by Sebastien Buemi, Anthony Davidson and Kazuki Nakajima required new MGU.

The #7 and #9 Toyotas respectively went out of the race with a clutch problem and accident damage.


The Rebellion Racing squad still has control in LMP2, with the #31 ORECA of Nicolas Prost holding the lead in second place overall.

One or the other of the two Rebellion entries has led since moving to the front during the first hour, with only occasional interruptions during pitstop sequences.

The #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA, currently driven by Ho-Pin Tung, is the only other car that has had brief stints at the front recently and ran second at the end of the hour ahead of making its 19th pitstop.

This means the #13 Rebellion ORECA that David Heinemeier Hansson took over from Mathias Beche during the twelfth hour is down in third, 55.7s off the lead.

The # 35 Signatech ORECA of Pierre Ragues runs fourth ahead of the #40 Graff ORECA of Franck Matelli.

The #25 Manor ORECA has officially retired after Trummer’s accident in the previous hour.


The two factor Aston Martins led the way in GTE Pro after 12 hours, Richie Stanaway leading Jonny Adam.

Alessandro Pier Guidi was glued to Stanaway’s tail in third place.

The #84 JMW Ferrari continues to lead in GTE Pro with Dries Vanthoor behind the wheel.


1LMP1#1 PorscheJani, Lotterer, Tandy187
2LMP2#31 OrecaProst, Canal, Senna178+ 9 Laps
3LMP2#38 OrecaTung, Laurent, Jarvis177+ 10 Laps
4LMP2#13 OrecaPiquet Jr, H. Hansson, Beche177+ 39.817s
5LMP2#35 AlpinePanciatici, Ragues, Negrao176+ 11 Laps
6LMP2#40 OrecaAllen, Matelli, Bradley176+ 46.148s
7LMP2#24 OrecaGraves, Hirschi, Vergne176+ 56.600s
8LMP2#32 LigierOwen, De Sadeleer, Albuquerque175+ 12 Laps
9LMP2#37 OrecaCheng, Gommendy, Brundle175+ 1m07.181s
10LMP2#23 LigierBarthez, Buret, Berthon172+ 15 Laps
11LMP2#21 OrecaHedman, Hanley, Rosenqvist172+ 2m08.722s
12LMP2#28 OrecaPerrodo, Vaxiviere, Collard172+ 2m23.773s
13LMP2#34 LigierMoore, Hanson, Chandhok171+ 16 Laps
14LMP2#47 DallaraLacorte, Sernagiotto, Belicchi170+ 17 Laps
15LMP2#39 OrecaGuibbert, Trouillet, Winslow170+ 31.633s
16LMP1#2 PorscheBernhard, Bamber, Hartley169+ 18 Laps
17LMP2#33 LigierNicolet, Nicolet, Maris167+ 20 Laps
18GTE Pro#95 AstonThiim, Sorensen, Stanaway165+ 22 Laps
19GTE Pro#97 AstonTurner, Adam, Serra165+ 3.120s
20GTE Pro#51 FerrariCalado, Pier Guidi, Rugolo165+ 10.400s
21GTE Pro#71 FerrariRigon, Bird, Molina165+ 50.488s
22GTE Pro#91 PorscheLietz, Makowiecki, Pilet165+ 51.092s
23GTE Pro#92 PorscheChristensen, Estre, Werner165+ 1m03.277s
24GTE Pro#67 FordPriaulx, Tincknell, Derani165+ 1m42.429s
25GTE Pro#68 FordHand, Muller, Kanaan164+ 23 Laps
26GTE Pro#63 ChevroletMagnussen, Garcia, Taylor164+ 1.478s
27LMP2#17 LigierLafargue, Lafargue, Zollinger164+ 44.443s
28GTE Pro#69 FordBriscoe, Westbrook, Dixon164+ 58.342s
29LMP2#29 DallaraLammers, Van Eerd, Barrichello164+ 2m17.137s
30LMP2#36 AlpineDumas, Menezes, Rao163+ 24 Laps
31GTE Am#84 FerrariSmith, Stevens, Vanthoor162+ 25 Laps
32GTE Am#90 AstonYoluc, Hankey, Bell161+ 26 Laps
33LMP2#45 LigierPatterson, Mcmurry, Capillaire161+ 7.122s
34GTE Am#77 PorscheRied, Cairoli, Dienst161+ 7.614s
35GTE Am#62 FerrariMacneil, Sweedler, Bell161+ 1m47.169s
36GTE Am#55 FerrariCameron, Scott, Cioci161+ 1m52.463s
37GTE Pro#64 ChevroletGavin, Milner, Fassler161+ 2m48.896s
38LMP2#27 DallaraAleshin, Sirotkin, Shaitar160+ 27 Laps
39GTE Am#99 AstonHoward, Gunn, Bryant160+ 18m44.125s
40GTE Am#61 FerrariMok, Sawa, Griffin160+ 20m20.257s
41GTE Am#93 PorscheLong, Al Faisal, Hedlund159+ 28 Laps
42GTE Am#83 FerrariKrohn, Jonsson, Bertolini159+ 1.916s
43GTE Am#65 FerrariNielsen, Balzan, Curtis159+ 1m27.710s
44GTE Am#86 PorscheWainwright, Barker, Foster159+ 2m13.869s
45GTE Pro#66 FordMucke, Pla, Johnson158+ 29 Laps
46GTE Am#98 AstonDalla Lana, Lamy, Lauda158+ 1m48.359s
47LMP1#8 ToyotaBuemi, Davidson, Nakajima158+ 1m49.220s
48GTE Am#54 FerrariFlohr, Castellacci, Beretta158+ 2m55.487s
49GTE Am#60 FerrariWee, Katoh, Parente157+ 30 Laps
50LMP2#22 OrecaRojas, Hirakawa, Gutierrez153+ 34 Laps
51LMP2#43 RileyKeating, Bleekemolen, Taylor148+ 39 Laps
52GTE Am#50 ChevroletRees, Brandela, Philippon148+ 2m36.080s
53LMP2#49 LigierKonopka, Calko, Breukers133+ 54 Laps
54LMP1#9 ToyotaLapierre, Kunimoto, Lopez160Retired
55LMP1#7 ToyotaConway, Kobayashi, Sarrazin154Retired
56LMP2#25 OrecaGonzalez, Trummer, Petrov152Retired
57GTE Pro#82 FerrariVilander, Fisichella, Kaffer72Retired
58LMP2#26 OrecaRusinov, Thiriet, Lynn20Retired
59GTE Am#88 PorscheBachler, Lemeret, Al Qubaisi18Retired
60LMP1#4 EnsoWebb, Kraihamer, Bonanomi7Retired

Porsche holds 9 lap lead at halfway point of Le Mans as Toyota retire both cars

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