Porsche locks out top spots in both Austin WEC practice sessions

Porsche monopolised the top positions in both free practice sessions for this weekend’s Austin round of the World Endurance Championship.

The German manufacturer’s pair of 919 Hybrids shared honours across the two practice periods: Earl Bamber went fastest aboard the #2 car in FP1 and Neel Jani topped the times in the #1 Porsche in the second of the 90-minute sessions.

Bamber led the way with a 1m48.124s in the opening session before the times tumbled in FP2.

Jani ended up with fastest time of the day, a 1m45.860s, which left him just over half a second up on Bamber’s second-session best of 1m46.401s in the #2 car.

The fastest of the Toyota TS050 HYBRIDs ended up nearly a second off the pace on a 1m46.819s from Kamui Kobayashi set in the second session.

Sebastien Buemi’s 1m48.584s from opening practice left the #8 Toyota fourth in combined times.

The two Rebellion ORECA-Gibson 07s jumped to the top of the LMP2 times midway through the second session.

Bruno Senna ended up fastest in class on a 1m54.601s, which put him just under three tenths up on Mathias Beche in the sister car.

Early second session pacesetter Alex Lynn ended up third position in the G-Drive ORECA after earlier topping the times in the opening period.

Nicki Thiim set the pace in GTE Pro for Aston Martin, his 2m04.023s second-session best putting him just seven hundredths up on Harry Tincknell in the best of the Ganassi Ford GTs.

The two Fords had been quickest in the opening session, Stefan Mucke ending up two tenths clear of Andy Priaulx in the #67 car.

Pedro Lamy was quickest in GTE Am for Aston Martin in both sessions.

FP1 times

1LMP1T.Bernhard, E.Bamber, B.HartleyPorsche LMP TeamPorsche1m48.124s30
2LMP1N.Jani, A.Lotterer, N.TandyPorsche LMP TeamPorsche1m48.269s0.145s32
3LMP1S.Buemi, S.Sarrazin, K.NakajimaToyota Gazoo RacingToyota1m48.584s0.460s34
4LMP1M.Conway, K.Kobayashi, J.M.LopezToyota Gazoo RacingToyota1m49.314s1.190s38
5LMP2R.Rusinov, P.Thiriet, A.LynnG-Drive RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.399s7.275s37
6LMP2F.Perrodo, M.Vaxiviere, E.CollardTDS RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.708s7.584s39
7LMP2N.Lapierre, G.Menezes, A.NegraoSignatech Alpine MatmutAlpine/Gibson1m56.034s7.910s33
8LMP2M.Beche, D.H.Hansson, N.Piquet Jr.Vaillante RebellionORECA/Gibson1m56.391s8.267s34
9LMP2H-Pin Tung, O.Jarvis, T.LaurentJackie Chan DC RacingORECA/Gibson1m56.579s8.455s27
10LMP2J.Canal, N.Prost, B.SennaVaillante RebellionORECA/Gibson1m56.839s8.715s29
11LMP2D.Cheng, A.Brundle, T.GommendyJackie Chan DC RacingORECA/Gibson1m56.848s8.724s33
12LMP2M.Rao, B.Hanley, J-E.VergneCEFC Manor TRS RacingORECA/Gibson1m56.986s8.862s33
13LMP2R.Gonzalez, S.Trummer, V.PetrovCEFC Manor TRS RacingORECA/Gibson1m57.325s9.201s30
14GTE ProS.Mucke, O.PlaFord Chip Ganassi Team UKFord2m04.939s16.815s33
15GTE ProA.Priaulx, H.TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Team UKFord2m05.213s17.089s35
16GTE ProJ.Calado, A.P.GuidiAF CorseFerrari2m05.594s17.470s35
17GTE ProD.Rigon, S.BirdAF CorseFerrari2m05.918s17.794s36
18GTE ProN.Thiim, M.SorensenAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m06.185s18.061s40
19GTE ProM.Christensen, K.EstrePorsche GT TeamPorsche2m06.272s18.148s12
20GTE ProD.Turner, J.Adam, D.SerraAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m06.402s18.278s38
21GTE ProR.Lietz, F.MakowieckiPorsche GT TeamPorsche2m06.437s18.313s25
22GTE AmP.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.LaudaAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m06.989s18.865s31
23GTE AmC.Ried, M.Cairoli, M.DienstDempsey-Proton RacingPorsche2m07.371s19.247s32
24GTE AmM.Wainwright, B.Barker, N.FosterGulf RacingPorsche2m07.664s19.540s27
25GTE AmT.Flohr, F.Castellacci, M.MolinaSpirit of RaceFerrari2m07.974s19.850s35
26GTE AmMok W.S., K.Sawa, M.GriffinClearwater RacingFerrari2m08.004s19.880s35

FP2 times

1LMP1N.Jani, A.Lotterer, N.TandyPorsche LMP TeamPorsche1m45.860s36
2LMP1T.Bernhard, E.Bamber, B.HartleyPorsche LMP TeamPorsche1m46.401s0.541s35
3LMP1M.Conway, K.Kobayashi, J.M.LopezToyota Gazoo RacingToyota1m46.819s0.959s43
4LMP1S.Buemi, S.Sarrazin, K.NakajimaToyota Gazoo RacingToyota1m48.839s2.979s44
5LMP2J.Canal, N.Prost, B.SennaVaillante RebellionORECA/Gibson1m54.601s8.741s36
6LMP2M.Beche, D.H.Hansson, N.Piquet Jr.Vaillante RebellionORECA/Gibson1m54.770s8.910s31
7LMP2R.Rusinov, P.Thiriet, A.LynnG-Drive RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.043s9.183s41
8LMP2N.Lapierre, G.Menezes, A.NegraoSignatech Alpine MatmutAlpine/Gibson1m55.136s9.276s39
9LMP2D.Cheng, A.Brundle, T.GommendyJackie Chan DC RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.443s9.583s40
10LMP2F.Perrodo, M.Vaxiviere, E.CollardTDS RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.818s9.958s39
11LMP2M.Rao, B.Hanley, J-E.VergneCEFC Manor TRS RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.864s10.004s23
12LMP2H-Pin Tung, O.Jarvis, T.LaurentJackie Chan DC RacingORECA/Gibson1m55.965s10.105s34
13LMP2R.Gonzalez, S.Trummer, V.PetrovCEFC Manor TRS RacingORECA/Gibson1m57.177s11.317s41
14GTE ProN.Thiim, M.SorensenAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m04.023s18.163s36
15GTE ProA.Priaulx, H.TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Team UKFord2m04.097s18.237s37
16GTE ProM.Christensen, K.EstrePorsche GT TeamPorsche2m05.208s19.348s32
17GTE ProR.Lietz, F.MakowieckiPorsche GT TeamPorsche2m05.375s19.515s36
18GTE ProJ.Calado, A.P.GuidiAF CorseFerrari2m05.468s19.608s32
19GTE ProD.Turner, J.Adam, D.SerraAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m05.750s19.890s26
20GTE ProS.Mucke, O.PlaFord Chip Ganassi Team UKFord2m05.898s20.038s32
21GTE AmP.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.LaudaAston Martin RacingAston Martin2m05.935s20.075s12
22GTE ProD.Rigon, S.BirdAF CorseFerrari2m06.241s20.381s33
23GTE AmMok W.S., K.Sawa, M.GriffinClearwater RacingFerrari2m07.503s21.643s37
24GTE AmC.Ried, M.Cairoli, M.DienstDempsey-Proton RacingPorsche2m07.852s21.992s32
25GTE AmM.Wainwright, B.Barker, N.FosterGulf RacingPorsche2m07.981s22.121s34
26GTE AmT.Flohr, F.Castellacci, M.MolinaSpirit of RaceFerrari2m08.218s22.358s37

Porsche locks out top spots in both Austin WEC practice sessions

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